Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

By Paul Oddi

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of someone else, finding the right personal injury lawyer can be a daunting challenge. Choosing the right lawyer is an important decision that will affect you for the rest of your life. Because the laws in Ontario are so complex it is important that you have an experienced and respected lawyer on your side.

You should consider some very important questions before choosing a lawyer. Does this lawyer have experience with serious personal injury cases? Personal injury law is a complex area of legal practice. Personal injury claims can take years to resolve. The lawyer you choose must have the ability to investigate your claim and assist you with obtaining the medical care and rehabilitation you require. Your lawyer must have a team of dedicated professionals in place that are devoted to handling a serious case like yours. This team must pay attention to your claim, advance your claim as quickly as possible and at all times respect your privacy. Before choosing a lawyer you should also be confident that your lawyer will be accessible to you when you need them. Consider these questions: Will my calls be returned promptly? Will I be able to meet with my lawyer when it is important to me? Will I be able to speak directly to my lawyer and will I have regular contact with my lawyer when I need it? Will I be kept informed on the progress of my case?

You should be able to speak to your lawyer openly and candidly about his or her legal fees. Most personal injury lawyers have flexible fee arrangements and will pay all the necessary disbursements and court costs while your case is ongoing. In most cases, you will not be billed anything until your case settles. The lawyer’s goal should be achieving a fair and timely resolution to your case while at the same time shielding you from the stress of dealing with insurance companies.

You should also learn as much as you can about the lawyer and law firm’s reputation and history in your community. The lawyer you choose should be respected by judges, the medical profession, other lawyers and insurance companies. If your lawyer has the respect of those people, there is a much better chance you will get the compensation you deserve. Do not be afraid to ask your friends and co-workers if they have had any experience in the past with a lawyer you have considered retaining.

Finding the right personal injury lawyer does take some time but it is well worth the effort. The right lawyer will guide you through a maze of confusing insurance laws and should be able to explain them to you in simple and clear language. Having an experienced legal team on your side will help you and your family on the road to recovery.

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