Guidance and expertise for Landlords and Tenants regarding their lawful rights and privileges.

At Lefebvre & Lefebvre LLP, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist Landlords in legal matters and disputes in rental housing.

Whether it is a situation involving a tenant who is persistently late in paying the rent, a tenant who substantially interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of other tenants, or any other challenging tenant situation, we will effectively counsel and assist you in taking the proper steps to resolve the situation, or to end the landlord-tenant relationship, when appropriate.

We have effectively guided Landlords through the sometimes bewildering legal process involved in the exercise of their lawful rights and privileges and the protection of their legitimate interests.

We have successfully represented Landlords at the Landlord and Tenant Board in hearings of Landlord Applications for termination of tenancy due to various grounds ranging from simple non-payment of rent to more complex interference with other tenants’ enjoyment or with Landlord rights. We have also successfully represented Landlords in hearings of Tenant Applications against the Landlord for rent abatement or damages due to alleged issues of disrepair or harassment. We have effectively mediated settlements in the context of these applications, and have achieved practical and reasonable settlements on behalf of Landlords. We have effectively guided and assisted Landlords through the eviction process to protect their interests and to minimize the stress of a taxing event.

Managing your rental properties is challenging enough.

If you have problematic tenants, if you have stressful landlord tenant situations or have difficult legal situations, you can rely on our counsel and assistance in alleviating some of that stress and in resolving these tough situations in a just and reasonable manner.

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