Insurance companies often deny, delay and underpay rightfully owed benefits.

Life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance and mortgage insurance are meant to provide safety and financial security for you and your family when death, illness or injury strikes.

This is true no matter how the accident occurred or who is at fault. People who suffer from serious illness or injury rely on their insurance plans to provide their family with a source of income.

Unfortunately, people with serious injuries and illness often end up in a dispute with their own insurance company after their insurer has wrongfully denied or terminated their benefits.

In many cases insurance companies deny, delay and underpay benefits rightfully owed to injured people.

Ensuring you get the settlement you deserve from an insurance company is a complex process.

At Lefebvre & Lefebvre LLP we have extensive experience dealing with disability insurance disputes. We have helped countless people fight their own insurance companies to get the benefits they deserve.

We strive to achieve excellent results for our clients and we are truly gratified that so many of our clients and their families are able to see positive resolutions to their claims.

The greatest compliment we receive are the constant referrals made to our firm by clients that we have represented in the past.

If you or a loved one has been wrongfully denied benefits by an insurance company, call us today to arrange for a no cost consultation.

We can help.

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